Friday, 28 June 2013

So far I've been up to.....

I love sugar skulls, from Dia de los Muertos. The imagery and colours are wonderful.

Enjoying the summer colours
"Trim" the dog.
Get out my glue gun and left over flower bits from other projects....
Enjoy the lil 'uns cartoons........
Waking up to this:
And been making stuff like this:

Tonight, I'm flying to Finland, so this front will be quiet for a while, at least on the picture front..

Enjoy the remnants of summer and we shall continue the shit spewing later on...

von C

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The moment is getting closer..

Flying back home in 2 days.  I should be over the moon, but I'm not, as  I'm not keen on flying.
I'm not a complete aviophobe, but just dislike the stress of airports, take offs and landings.....

Life is full of fears though. If I'm not pooping myself for the flights, it's being scared of lots of little things, that I can't do much about either. I think too much, I hate it.

I'm trying to tell myself that I'd rather be 1,5 hours in a tincan in the sky, rather than stuck in a tincan floating in the sea for days.....
It is a quick way to travel. Some people commute with planes.
It was easier, when I was younger and flew with friends, and booze was free. Hah.

Off to get pics on the computer, so I can get things ready for the travels....

toodlepoo for now ;)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Celebrity baby names

Famous people need to stop naming their kids stupid names. Or if I ever have another one, I will name it Vagina. Or pick any other name from Austin Powers-movies. Or Septic Tank.
It also shows, that the mainstream of people are also fucking idiots, for actually giving a flying cock about these "celebrities". Who decided that  they were worth our attention? I know tons of other folk, who have more opinion, views and way of life that I'd actually value.


Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer Solstice

Happy mid summer, or summer solstice. In Finnish it's Juhannus. A week, and I'll get to enjoy the food, the sauna, sweets and the mighty ryebread I so badly miss.
Bought a box of Kalms today. Herbal remedy for stress. Did I mention I hate flying.
I do have a prescription for tranquilisers, but don't really fancy taking chances of having a shit in my pants on a flight.
So will see if the Kalms helps me to keep...well.. calm.

Now gonna go and sit on the sofa, open some alcoholic ginger beer, and relax.
Another bloody lurgy struck, so taking things easy. Been doing stencils and fabric paints today, so will try to put up pics at some point.

But toodle-loo for now, and Hyvää Juhannusta!!!!

von C

Monday, 17 June 2013

All the shineys!

Holy poop. I need to glitterfy. Everything.
I'm gutted that  the craft packs for Crafty Chica are hard to find this side of the pond. I do have a very soft spot for colourful mexi style imagery.
All the colours and glitter, want, NAO.


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's day...huh....

Happy father's day to the ones who deserve the title.

My dad committed suicide almost 2 years ago. Not a single tear from my eyeballs for that one.
He was  spineless dick. But obviously enough, his new family wasn't that great either, that he would've wanted to stick around....
My other half gets sweet fuck all. Just the same that I get on birthdays, mothers days etc etc.
My partner has killed all the little celebrations in life.
I turned 30 last christmas, we were skint, like we always seem to be, and while we were told not to buy anything and have very basic christmas dinner, he was busy spending money on his motorbike.
So 'scuse me if I'm not gushing out with joy over the men I've had in my life.

My lil 'un drew pictures of the dog pooping on the card.
Spot on m'dear.


Friday, 14 June 2013

My first rap, with a difference......

I got inspired by the writings of this lady : check this
So I went and wrote my own rap, inspired with my daily schoolruns.....

You need to stop breeding like it's going outta fashion, so you can find yourself another passion
A can of coke and donuts aren't as good breakfast as porridge, their brains are starved and not just for knowledge.
Popping them like popcorn to get a big house, expecting everything to be ready and free, like a louse.
Other folk work their asses off to get a decent meal, while you think the world owes you a living and is sorry for how you feel.
Your sprog is notorious for being terrible, maybe I'll grind 'em into soup that's edible. I'll wipe 'em out with a nice juicy sprout.
Poverty rises from the lack of contraception, and lazyness grows with yet another c-section.
Get a job, learn something new, as there are lots of proper shit to do. Your dna ain't that great, if the kids don't behave, it makes others irate.
So you see, chavs, it's nobodys fault but yours, so get your arse in gear, school and work, even if it puts you on your fours.
You think you're classy, but sorry love, dna testing on Jeremy Kyle ain't that fancy.

Theheeee. I had fun. 

Lil' von C

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Book them and they will come..

The joys of womanhood. Booking a smear test. Start yer blob on the day. Not. Happy.
Wasting my time on walking there and back for nothing. Urgh.

Also needed muscle relaxants for my over tensed back and shoulders. Well turns out that the pill I used to eat, doesn't exist in this country. So tranquilisers was the option. No thanks, not really wanting to eat highly addictive stuff. Just managed to overcome my smoking addiction. Just.

I miss smoking. I don't drink, take drugs or fuck about, my only bad habit is hoarding crafty stuff and shiny things.

So yup, another day along the "try not to kill people"- mode. Success so far.

Von hate.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Lasten oma radio

'scuse my finnish....

Me loydettii radiokanava, mita jaksaa jopa kuunnellakki. Ipana on ihan onnessaa. :

Monday, 10 June 2013


Oh dear lord, the horror story I just heard, about the on-goings in local schools.
Yeah, there's always kids that are little bastards, and then there's the kids who get bullied and suffer because of these bastards....

Well I think kids are taking it to a new level, 7 year olds abusing each other sexually.  What in the name of fuck??????

One more story and I'm fucking outta here.

Seriously. Parental fail, if there ever was one. Human kind fail. Fuck this shit.
I feel sorry for my daughter having to live in these days, the modern times, when raising kids has been swapped into shitting out kids to keep the benefits coming. Or even worse, kids having kids.....

Sunday, 9 June 2013

No car booting, bollocks.

I enjoy the warmer season and the frequent car boot sales. But always dependant on other half, as I don't drive. Never had the money to get a licence when I was younger and not exactly flushed with cash now either.
Hate being stuck at home, unfortunately this seems the norm to my hairy baboon half. Blaah.
Makes a boring sunday even more boring.
I love rummaging  sale racks, charity shops and boot sales. The feeling when you bag a bargain is great.
Sad thing is, bargains are a breed near extinction. People don't seem to realise how the value of an item drops the minute you take it out of the shop, and take the tags/wrapping off. I'm not going to pay lots of money for something that I can't take back to a shop if there's any faults etc.
Then you get the turds called re-sellers. Buy it for 50p and then moments later you see it couple of tables further for 8 pounds. Hope you never get it sold for that price, ya dick.

I love Primark. The value for money you get is great. And it makes a lot of car booters look like absolute arses, as selling used items for more expensive prices that you'd get it brand new...Well, it makes you look like a fucking tit. The other week when I got to go to boot sale, asked a girl for the price for a jumper and a t-shirt. 7 pounds she said, and that's when I put the shit back on the rack, collect my jaw off the ground and move on.
But yeah, I'm gonna crack on the glue and stick some glitter shit on the little ones shoes, as I didn't get to go to boot sale. Meh.