Thursday, 16 April 2015

Primark hacks and some weirdness....

I've been trying to keep up with the crafting, my eternity crochet prject is still on the go, but I get bored with too much of repetition, so do other stuff at the same time....
I had some bits that I bought from Primark sale rack (god I love the sale racks), but never been using them, so I gave them a little change so this time I might use them....
First was a Guns'n Roses body, which I like, but just don't like the idea of opening press buttons in a sweaty crotch, so I decided to marry it with a skirt I've had in the cupboard for ages, so a bit of chop chop, and result.
The other one was a top I grabbed, and noticed it was a bit small, it fits though, but it's short, so I added a little fabric to make it into a nice summer dress, BAM!

 This one is cheap polyester knit  that I made into a tunic, but never used it, so I took in from the sleeves, maybe with a different fit, I'll actually wear it....

This one is a knit dress I bought from a charity shop for 50p (them sale racks....) but as I'm not very beige, I had to add something to the dress, and the Karelian emroidery was perfect idea for the hem. I got the practice, and the dress got a little colour.

We have been watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, and I get fanny flutter, he is hot!
that's about it for now, it has been relatively good weather wise, so have been taking every chance for going outside, and will post some pics of our trip to Cruden Bay last week....

But for now, ta ta bitches.

Monday, 6 April 2015


It's here, sunshine and warm(ish) weather. For the few days it lasts here :)
Did a school fair selling my crafts, still crocheting my forever project, lil' un got a keyboard to learn to play the piano. I've been hunting for 2nd hand El Naturalista shoes, as I can't afford new ones, but ebay is sucking big time, so no luck. That pretty much sums up the last few months....
I try to ignore internet discussions as people are just too fucking dumb.
 The schnose.
 Bender is my fav!
Pippi Longstocking phone cover.
 Bits and bobs.
 Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice......
 Rocky Horror
 Hunky kitchen curtains to truly bring that spring into my chest.
 Marimekko fabric into a curtain
Sons Of Anarchy little shoulder bag
 Pimped up winter cape

Leggings with added decoration


 Looks so amusing, amazing weather and all that....

That's it for now. Back to my Metal Slug gaming.....