Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer Solstice

Happy mid summer, or summer solstice. In Finnish it's Juhannus. A week, and I'll get to enjoy the food, the sauna, sweets and the mighty ryebread I so badly miss.
Bought a box of Kalms today. Herbal remedy for stress. Did I mention I hate flying.
I do have a prescription for tranquilisers, but don't really fancy taking chances of having a shit in my pants on a flight.
So will see if the Kalms helps me to keep...well.. calm.

Now gonna go and sit on the sofa, open some alcoholic ginger beer, and relax.
Another bloody lurgy struck, so taking things easy. Been doing stencils and fabric paints today, so will try to put up pics at some point.

But toodle-loo for now, and Hyvää Juhannusta!!!!

von C

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