Friday, 28 June 2013

So far I've been up to.....

I love sugar skulls, from Dia de los Muertos. The imagery and colours are wonderful.

Enjoying the summer colours
"Trim" the dog.
Get out my glue gun and left over flower bits from other projects....
Enjoy the lil 'uns cartoons........
Waking up to this:
And been making stuff like this:

Tonight, I'm flying to Finland, so this front will be quiet for a while, at least on the picture front..

Enjoy the remnants of summer and we shall continue the shit spewing later on...

von C


  1. Oh how exiting amor! You know I love the Virgen Guadalupana print you made.
    Have fun! I know you will.


  2. I can make you little bag with the print when I get back. Found the stencil on google, and loved it. Simplified it slightly, as I think the original was a graffiti, so I have less space to use.

  3. Haha! I love the 'trim the dog' pic but not as much as I adore those Morrison and Doors print.

    Have a great time in Finland! :)

  4. Thanks, the usual comment for that trim the dog-pic has mainly been "you need to get out more"...The Doors was a very good band indeed.

    We will try our best, get my tattoo onwards at least....