Thursday, 13 June 2013

Book them and they will come..

The joys of womanhood. Booking a smear test. Start yer blob on the day. Not. Happy.
Wasting my time on walking there and back for nothing. Urgh.

Also needed muscle relaxants for my over tensed back and shoulders. Well turns out that the pill I used to eat, doesn't exist in this country. So tranquilisers was the option. No thanks, not really wanting to eat highly addictive stuff. Just managed to overcome my smoking addiction. Just.

I miss smoking. I don't drink, take drugs or fuck about, my only bad habit is hoarding crafty stuff and shiny things.

So yup, another day along the "try not to kill people"- mode. Success so far.

Von hate.


  1. I know for a fact they can smear when you're bleeding.

  2. Well these fucking pros couldn't get any results last time as there wasn't "enough cells"....I'm saving up so I can treat myself with a privcate gyno back in Finland, who is not a complete cock up....