Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's day...huh....

Happy father's day to the ones who deserve the title.

My dad committed suicide almost 2 years ago. Not a single tear from my eyeballs for that one.
He was  spineless dick. But obviously enough, his new family wasn't that great either, that he would've wanted to stick around....
My other half gets sweet fuck all. Just the same that I get on birthdays, mothers days etc etc.
My partner has killed all the little celebrations in life.
I turned 30 last christmas, we were skint, like we always seem to be, and while we were told not to buy anything and have very basic christmas dinner, he was busy spending money on his motorbike.
So 'scuse me if I'm not gushing out with joy over the men I've had in my life.

My lil 'un drew pictures of the dog pooping on the card.
Spot on m'dear.



  1. Amen! Would've love to see the pic of the card :)

  2. Pics added... :) On the right track with it. Hahahaha

  3. Indeed, not sure why one of the figures is on skates.....thehehe

  4. Wow, I love that card. I have a greeting card for Dysfunctional Families line. She could be my illustrator. Perfect.

  5. Oh yeah, that was actually really funny, a bit like e-cards. I shall keep her in training... :D