Friday, 14 June 2013

My first rap, with a difference......

I got inspired by the writings of this lady : check this
So I went and wrote my own rap, inspired with my daily schoolruns.....

You need to stop breeding like it's going outta fashion, so you can find yourself another passion
A can of coke and donuts aren't as good breakfast as porridge, their brains are starved and not just for knowledge.
Popping them like popcorn to get a big house, expecting everything to be ready and free, like a louse.
Other folk work their asses off to get a decent meal, while you think the world owes you a living and is sorry for how you feel.
Your sprog is notorious for being terrible, maybe I'll grind 'em into soup that's edible. I'll wipe 'em out with a nice juicy sprout.
Poverty rises from the lack of contraception, and lazyness grows with yet another c-section.
Get a job, learn something new, as there are lots of proper shit to do. Your dna ain't that great, if the kids don't behave, it makes others irate.
So you see, chavs, it's nobodys fault but yours, so get your arse in gear, school and work, even if it puts you on your fours.
You think you're classy, but sorry love, dna testing on Jeremy Kyle ain't that fancy.

Theheeee. I had fun. 

Lil' von C


  1. Wow! Nice job!! I thought about writing a rap, but changed my mind.

  2. I'm not good with stuff like that, but it was fun trying to have a rhythm and a certain "flow". Lil Kim I'm not...Hahahahah

  3. Lol. Spot on. Sounds like my old neighborhood!