Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Monday, 18 March 2013


So seriously, I have yet another lurgy, and now the little 'un has chicken pox. Can't wait to see the back of this winter. Endless colds.
I've started another project too, bought a bureau, was a bit grubby, but will do.
Gave it a sanding n a clean, and primered it, yet still the paint doesn't seem to stick. Not impressed. I've painted furniture before, and can honestly say the water based paints are a waste of time. Come summer and I'll probably re-do the bureau, but with proper paints.

Will also be able to stick some photos up soon too, as I have done a lot of stenciling, now just need to iron them to fix the fabric paint to make them washable.

Be back soon

Snot von C

Friday, 8 March 2013

some thoughts..

So, today is women's day.
I'm not that fussed.

However, seeing some peoples reaction, has got me thinking, what in the world is happening to people?
Men complain that it's not fair, and women complain that men don't understand.
Throughout history, patriarchy has been the way to go, so maybe give women some slack. Also the fact that even today where we are supposedly equal, women still have to conform into certain beauty moulds. Big boobs, make up, big hair, small bum, revealing clothing. And don't forget that whether you want it or not, men are still gonna tell women their opinions on looks, bodytype etc.
I don't see headlines about criticising the way male politicians dress, or how male celebrities have put on weight etc...
I find it all just a big joke. I don't take it seriously. Because if I did, I'd go mad.
I'm very opinionated, and have strong expressions on certain matters, and offend people easily with the honesty.
Men don't have it easy either. When it comes to court cases, women are always better off, even in cases where this isn't true. And there are evil men about, but damn right there are evil women too.
So there we have become equal, the evilness. Also stupidity.
Btw, designer high heels aren't that special. Anybody can slap on crap with a gluegun and make a cheap high heel look pretty. Let's get a designer step up and make normal, functional shoes beautiful!
I don't like high heels. They are uncomfortable, they are really bad for your feet, (hello bunyons) they can really alter your posture, but not always in the good way, and remember ladies, when you can't walk with them, swinging about like a sick moose is not, I repeat, NOT a good look.

But anyhoo, may this day be just general appreciation to your surroundings, friends,family, loved ones near and far, and leave the gift demands, and have a cuppa and a cuddle instead.

over and out.


Thursday, 7 March 2013

looking fresh....

Just a quickie, while I'm sat here with the hair dye on. Got some stargazer-dyes, and loving my tropical green-lilac combo.
More stencil cutting later on too, this time making Die Antwoord- logo, so I can stick it on leggings.
Also try my sugar skull- pattern I cut last week.
Happy World Book Day!
Get reading!



Monday, 4 March 2013


Well, that's another lot of days gone past and still haven't got piccies up or anything.
Just been to a hen night this weekend, and was happy coming back home. Until I noticed that nothing has been done since I left. Dishes are piling up, and even to this day, the other half seems to think that dirty clothes are picked up by pixies, who then carry all the stinky rags into the washing machine....
Being to a really seedy club, that had a firebreather in the small dancefloor, I can relate to the quote from Lethal Weapon- movies, "I'm too old for this shit".
My ears ached, as obviously people nowadays are bloody deaf, so the music blurted out was so loud, you couldn't tell the songs apart, and my only goal was to get back to hotel in a relatively sober state so I can hit the pool and sauna in the morning.
I like going to places and pubs, but also what is one of the major factors of enjoying ones' self, is the company!
But enough of that, have to get geared in my rubbergloves and commence the tidying up, so I can eventually get back to my crafting projects, that have been so badly neglected.

Tootsie too