Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Countdown to hols

Holy poop. 4Weeks until we scoot off to Finland. So chuffed. A chance for a real summer.
I'm really not impressed with the Scottish summers so far. Seen 2 of them, and both times I've had the winter coats cluttering up my house. Chilly, rainy and pretty much shit.

That's a picture from a postcard that I brought the first time I visited Edinburgh.
I thought that it might be exaggerating it a bit, but nope, it pretty much is this.
No wonder I buy most of my summer dresses in the sales for low prices, as you never get to wear them.
Although there seems to be a lot of people braving the weather even when it's cold and breezy, you can still spot sandals, summer dresses and all the other attire that makes you feeling cold just looking at them.....

In the winter this applies too. Watching little ones sitting in their prams, without hats and gloves when it actually hits the minus degrees, is a bit idiotic....Then the parents are wondering why the kids are screaming and won't settle at all...Well, it might be the bright blue/purple hands they have........

Better get back to my crafting for a bit, before I have to get cleaning. Again....

-Rosie the Robot

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Back to "normal"

I'll post some crappy craft stuff soon too, so it's not all hatred and ranting. Hahahahah.
I seem to be too intelligent for the interwebs, as every time I log on to failbook, read the "normal" blogs, or any pc bullshit, I get my rage on.
There's been some nasty shit going on in London, and a lot of people have gotten pissed off, and then the other half is telling them off for being "racist".
So nowadays you're not allowed to have opinions, and fuck almighty if they happen to be politically incorrect.
I need to move into the  forest and take a pile of dogs and turn into a hermit, as I'm starting to have a case of  icantfuckingbelievethisshit-titis.
Last time I checked, people had the right to their own views and opinions. But not anymore.
The majority is saying it is "facist" to disagree with the "majority".
I thought that's fascism, when you don't tolerate anybody else's opinions, unless they agree with yours.....Oh, and you happen to be Mussolini.

Soon, I will post other shit. A lot of ranting lately, but I think the world is going through some de-evolution when it comes to people, as they are turning dumber by the fucking minute.

A bit lighter finish. I want leggings that look like a unicorn has hurled on them.
And  I also want to glitterfy my livingroom table. Gonna get hunting for glitter flakes.....

TTFN (ta ta for now)

-von moan

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Yes, the thing in yer skull nobody seems to use anymore....
Just seen a discussion about the responsibility of media and the way they report things, especially when it comes to body image.
How about making yer own opinions. There is a way to read news, use different sources, and then add up the info you have, and form your own view.
The media is full of shit. That's why I'm not very fussed about what bullshit is on the agenda at the moment, as next week it will be something different.
BMI is biggest piece of bullshit, and ramming it down everybodys throat has got to stop. It has no fucking proof about health and weight going hand in hand.
Some people are fat, some people are thin. 150 years ago fatties were desirable, as being thin meant you are  weak, and the first bout of illness will kill you.
A lot of women base their self image on somebody else's body. WTF?
Enjoy what you have, and stop wasting time on vain shit. Love yourself, it's not hard.

I really think people are dumb. The ability to have any proper opinions on anything, based on YOUR own thoughts, has disappeared, and been replaced with hipster numbnuts who have opinions according what is cool.

There are a lot of wrongs in the world, that I will change when I take over the world........HA!

von Bitch

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Seth MacFarlane

Oh. The object of my dirty dreams.
I'd let him take a picture with me, he could also have my autograph.
If I was a zombie, I wouldn't eat his brains, I'd hump 'em, and keep them in a jar, so I could squeeze out more cartoon humour.

I fucking love Family Guy, American Dad, also I really enjoyed the Cavalcade of cartoon comedy. He is a damn funny man, with plenty of wit.
That's how I like 'em.

I'd sell my slightly demented grandma for some Seth-action. Or my husband. I'd keep my dog though. She's cool.
Seriously, in the words of Keith Lemon, I'd smash his backdoors in.

von T

Break on through to the other side

Another music legend has stepped through the door.....

The End


Soon all we have left, is Beounces, Lady Cackas and Rhinoannas. Not cool.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Computer says no!

Soooo. Been a little while, as my computer decided to keel over dead, so writing posts can be a bit difficult without telepathy skills. I got a laptop from a very lovely friend, so my internet existence may resume.

And now time for a little ranty mcrant. Shit that grinds my gears.
Pricing. Be it charity shop, online auction, or a second hand /flea market.
This is especially bad in Finland, and in the UK it's mainly charity shops and online market places.
Seriously. Just because an item cost you x amount so many years ago, does not mean it would be still worth a lot of money. The minute the item leaves the shop, the value drops. And the more time passes and the usage the item gets, the value drops even more. So no, I'm not gonna buy your filthy, flat, nasty looking sofa for £200, just because it cost you 600 in 1997.
Same applies for shoes, bags, anything really. The worst offender is a Finnish auction site, where people post items with a starting price so high, you don't want to bid on anything. Or would you bid on tatty looking winter boots, with 7 euros for posting and another 7 as the starting price? That's why I admit my dirty love for eBay, as it truly has a chance for good bargains.
Another thing is vintage. Just because something is old, it does not automatically make it expensive.
This vintage fashion has also killed bargains. People buy things cheap, and re-sell for mega high prices. I know, it's not the idiot who asks, but the one who pays. Just that when I sell things, I sell them cheap, as I know what a great feeling it is, to find good bargains. Not every "vintage enthusiast" can make a living being a re-seller, so hold on to yer vintage hats and yer day jobs...
I make random things and occasionally I sell stuff, but I keep my pricing low. Jewellery that has been made from cheapo stuff that is bought off eBay for 99p, is not worth £19 pounds.
I'm chronically skint, so me buying anything, is always dependant on finding those bargains.
Anyhoo, that's enough for the ranting, for now.
In other news, I seem to have my very first follower! Woooooo!
So, HIYA!!!
Hope your day is mighty fine and full of crafty goodness, as that is what I will get doing too.


x mrs. Grumbleguts

Friday, 10 May 2013

friday on my mind

my rescued hound

Hullo, it has been a while.
Making todays post on my hound. She is 9 or 10 years, we aren't sure as she is a rescue dog from Estonia, so she is the mutt of mystery. We think she was 1 or 2 when we got her.
Also the breed is a guess, she might be a Giant Schnauzer. At least she fits the description.

Durrrrrr charging ma lazors.

So please, please give a visit to your local animal shelters and give these creatures a new home.
I have not regretted anything., She is a lovely doggie, and keeps our days fulfilled with love, stink, hair, excitement,stubborness and slobbery kisses.
There are too many animals being abandoned by idiots.
If I had a big house, I would take them all, and cuddle them.