Wednesday, 10 December 2014

'tis the time to.....

So, been a while. Crafting, teaching the lil'un to sew, and watching shit christmas movies seem to be the thing for me at the moment.
I'm quite homesick too, which is making the mehs.
 There's been windy but pretty evenings....
 Made myself a little elf hat....
 And a dress for lil'un
 Went ice skating, next time will have acquire my own skates, these rented ones were horrible!
 Some decoration for the backyard....
 Reflector brooch as a xmas pressie
 Some scrap crafting...
Dogs need reflective vests too!
Played with my camera, thinking about getting a lens set for it, as it is good, even though it's old.....

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Winter Urgh

Well it's been quiet. It has been the season of mehs, fever and general crap. Working still on my cro(t)chet scarf, thin yarn and smallish hook is making it take an eternity. Alongside I'm doing the usual xmassy shit too. Did some no-budget crafting on halloween, and now it continues with xmas things.
 As it tends to piss it down here a lot, made a raincover from an old pram cover for little ones school bag.
 Also whipped up a fleece jacket from old blankets. Not perfect but cosy enough.
 Same fabrics made a nice wrap up fleece. Currently obsessed with the wrap around model, but really struggle to find hoodies so better make it myself then.
 Some cheapo halloween crafts
 These are still above my door. Some colour into the shit winter.
 My ofrenda, mixed in with Karelian things and mexi-inspiration.
 Mase a little light wreath for the window, as it is dark.....
 And reflectors!!!! Best way to go too, some schnauzering....
Got this beauty from ebay, sent from America, Finnish vintage design, Kalevala jewellery. Me likey alot!!!!!

Bonfire night sparkles...
Poundshop crafts, a little wreath for the door, soon it's time... :D

I was chuffed to get the Kalevala piece, as I do like their jewellery, have some already, and this one is based on a find from Karelia I believe, so nothing better than historical background too.

Also very pleased, my local health shop seems to stock Village Bakery Rye bread, so that is bonus, fed up with british "brown" bread.

Nothing else of interest is going on. I spend my evenings crafting and watching either Geordie Shore or Family Guy. I know, one fucking classy chick, but who cares.....

Monday, 20 October 2014

Hell on wheels....

First a disclaimer. This post is my opinions and views, if you disagree, good for you.
Roller derby.
I watched a documentary on the Texan team who caused the "revival" of roller derby in early 2000's. That was years ago. I liked what I saw, it looked like fun, and at the same time a form of fitness that doesn't seem like fitness. I lived in Finland then, and there were no derby teams there, it was not very well known back then.
So when we moved, my first mission was to find the local team and get to their fresh meat.
The first year I developed skills, speed and it was all so much fun. I love skating, even today. But then the clouds started appearing, the unnecessary politics, the cliques, the "high school" drama, popularity contests etc. The plagues that always riddle the gaggles of females.
Then there was springtime when we all kept on getting ill with random bugs, so that of course took my attendance from about 99% to about 80%. That also meant that certain aspects of hobby were not allowed, like taking part in "play-game" that was meant for us "un-skilled". Which of course was something that kept me going to the practice anyway, the chance of getting to play, even if it was unofficial. Happy to take my money but also happy to restrict things too.
The fun part is also the minimum skills requirements. If you can skate around the track like the fucking Flash, braid your pubes while juggling a sharknado on your right arm and do cartwheels with your ears and jump across the room, blindfolded and holding on to your knee, then you are all good to go. The requirements were getting harder and harder, and have very little to do with safety, more about tactics.
So to me, something that you would get better with actually playing.
There were just too many rocks on that path for me, the fun started to get drained out of practice and it turned into something I didn't look forward to anymore either, so I knew after 2 years, it was my time to stop.
I was going nowhere. I still miss skating, sorely. It was the first form of getting fit I absolutely loved.
It's just all the rest of it I didn't like.
I still think about skating, and wanting to get a group together just for the fitness, but for now, the wheels are just in the bag.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Up with the cock....

So, we got lucky enough to get to enjoy the local raging stomach bug, first it hit the kiddo, then me, then the saddo. Projectile voms, shits, and terrible cramps and muscle ache. So I was comforting myself during these long long nights with Geordie Shore marathons, and I got so inspired with all the cock riding on it, that I really have a terrible urge to ride some cock myself now.

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Some time ago,  I got a small shipping crate that was destined to the bin, and I made it into a box of my treasures (aka something I shove all the shit off the floor when I clean....).
Bit of paint, glitter and a set of hinges made it into a nice little box, and as I quite like the outcome, I'm gonna do the same to the top of my crafts table.

I used metal effect paint to the side, and just high shine purple paint to the rest of it, then heaps of glitter, and top it with 2 layers of varnish I bought from the poundshop. Did it outdoors as the varnish and some furniture paints are thinner based and stink awful.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Pimpin up a hoodie...

I've had this hoodie for ages, bought it from a bootsale for a quid, and I still love it. Unfortunately it started to have little holes, and general signs of wear, so I thought to freshen it up with some fabric scraps I had in a pile......

I also threw it in a dye bath, not very good colour, but it gives a nice surface for the fabric patches. I put some glitter glue to the edges to keep them from fraying like bitches, and I embroidered the edges, to make a little extra effect.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Quick crafts....

I have been crafting, can't seem to stick to one thing though, so a bit random.... I have also been watching Geordie Shore. I'm still not sure why. I think it's so shit, that it becomes good. Similar to VH1 shows few years back, Rock of Love and Flavor of Love. Seriously. Those were definitely some of the best reality shows I have watched, as they are full of unbelievably psychotic loonies.
I've kept myself out of political discussions too, as I cannot fathom how people can't accept the concept of freedom of thought. I don't agree with a lot of things with the majority of people, but I just blame it on their stupidity ;) , but I let them think what they want. It is their opinions. Opinions are like assholes, everybodys got one.
 A cheap shirt got a little DDLM- makeover....

 Made a kimonosleeve tunic from stretch satin
 Fixed a new zipper to my bargain vintage dress, 2 euros it cost me....
Anglerfish hama...
 Brain slug hama
Dr. Zoidberg...

Went to a techfest in the Oceanlab here, it was very good, deep sea creatures are more fascinating than people. Now I have a terrible urge to try make an anglerfish hat for myself. It's my poweranimal, you can keep your eagles and wolves :D
Back to more crafting......