Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Countdown to hols

Holy poop. 4Weeks until we scoot off to Finland. So chuffed. A chance for a real summer.
I'm really not impressed with the Scottish summers so far. Seen 2 of them, and both times I've had the winter coats cluttering up my house. Chilly, rainy and pretty much shit.

That's a picture from a postcard that I brought the first time I visited Edinburgh.
I thought that it might be exaggerating it a bit, but nope, it pretty much is this.
No wonder I buy most of my summer dresses in the sales for low prices, as you never get to wear them.
Although there seems to be a lot of people braving the weather even when it's cold and breezy, you can still spot sandals, summer dresses and all the other attire that makes you feeling cold just looking at them.....

In the winter this applies too. Watching little ones sitting in their prams, without hats and gloves when it actually hits the minus degrees, is a bit idiotic....Then the parents are wondering why the kids are screaming and won't settle at all...Well, it might be the bright blue/purple hands they have........

Better get back to my crafting for a bit, before I have to get cleaning. Again....

-Rosie the Robot


  1. Hey Rosie, where did you move from?

  2. I'm Finnish, moved to Scotland for my husband. Still stuck here. Hahahahahah. One day I can move back to Finland, get a countryside house and have all the dogs, chicken etc.... And turn into a hermit/village idiot....

  3. Never been to Scotland but the legend how it's always rainy in England really was true. In the summer - bit warmer rain in the winter blinking rain again - just cold.

  4. I used to live in Manchester, and it rained. All the time. Same goes to Scotland, except it is colder. As in even summertime the temperature really struggles to climb above 15 degrees, and having 20 odd degrees is a rarity. And it feels so odd.....