Friday, 10 May 2013

my rescued hound

Hullo, it has been a while.
Making todays post on my hound. She is 9 or 10 years, we aren't sure as she is a rescue dog from Estonia, so she is the mutt of mystery. We think she was 1 or 2 when we got her.
Also the breed is a guess, she might be a Giant Schnauzer. At least she fits the description.

Durrrrrr charging ma lazors.

So please, please give a visit to your local animal shelters and give these creatures a new home.
I have not regretted anything., She is a lovely doggie, and keeps our days fulfilled with love, stink, hair, excitement,stubborness and slobbery kisses.
There are too many animals being abandoned by idiots.
If I had a big house, I would take them all, and cuddle them.


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