Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Yes, the thing in yer skull nobody seems to use anymore....
Just seen a discussion about the responsibility of media and the way they report things, especially when it comes to body image.
How about making yer own opinions. There is a way to read news, use different sources, and then add up the info you have, and form your own view.
The media is full of shit. That's why I'm not very fussed about what bullshit is on the agenda at the moment, as next week it will be something different.
BMI is biggest piece of bullshit, and ramming it down everybodys throat has got to stop. It has no fucking proof about health and weight going hand in hand.
Some people are fat, some people are thin. 150 years ago fatties were desirable, as being thin meant you are  weak, and the first bout of illness will kill you.
A lot of women base their self image on somebody else's body. WTF?
Enjoy what you have, and stop wasting time on vain shit. Love yourself, it's not hard.

I really think people are dumb. The ability to have any proper opinions on anything, based on YOUR own thoughts, has disappeared, and been replaced with hipster numbnuts who have opinions according what is cool.

There are a lot of wrongs in the world, that I will change when I take over the world........HA!

von Bitch


  1. Haha. You are right about the BMI and I think the media is starting to catch on to that.

  2. I just get fed up with the idea that only thin people can be healthy. It's not quite that simple. Fat peeps tend to carry the gene that in the old days kept folk alive when the shit got tough. If you were thin, you probably got too weak with a bit of starvation, and the first bout of sickness killed ya. So people should read into things a bit more. Also the amount of shit that is put into the food, that doesn't belong there, is making everybody sick. Only need to read on aspartame and then you start seeing all these other additives that are making folk even more sick...Grrr...