Monday, 20 May 2013

Computer says no!

Soooo. Been a little while, as my computer decided to keel over dead, so writing posts can be a bit difficult without telepathy skills. I got a laptop from a very lovely friend, so my internet existence may resume.

And now time for a little ranty mcrant. Shit that grinds my gears.
Pricing. Be it charity shop, online auction, or a second hand /flea market.
This is especially bad in Finland, and in the UK it's mainly charity shops and online market places.
Seriously. Just because an item cost you x amount so many years ago, does not mean it would be still worth a lot of money. The minute the item leaves the shop, the value drops. And the more time passes and the usage the item gets, the value drops even more. So no, I'm not gonna buy your filthy, flat, nasty looking sofa for £200, just because it cost you 600 in 1997.
Same applies for shoes, bags, anything really. The worst offender is a Finnish auction site, where people post items with a starting price so high, you don't want to bid on anything. Or would you bid on tatty looking winter boots, with 7 euros for posting and another 7 as the starting price? That's why I admit my dirty love for eBay, as it truly has a chance for good bargains.
Another thing is vintage. Just because something is old, it does not automatically make it expensive.
This vintage fashion has also killed bargains. People buy things cheap, and re-sell for mega high prices. I know, it's not the idiot who asks, but the one who pays. Just that when I sell things, I sell them cheap, as I know what a great feeling it is, to find good bargains. Not every "vintage enthusiast" can make a living being a re-seller, so hold on to yer vintage hats and yer day jobs...
I make random things and occasionally I sell stuff, but I keep my pricing low. Jewellery that has been made from cheapo stuff that is bought off eBay for 99p, is not worth £19 pounds.
I'm chronically skint, so me buying anything, is always dependant on finding those bargains.
Anyhoo, that's enough for the ranting, for now.
In other news, I seem to have my very first follower! Woooooo!
So, HIYA!!!
Hope your day is mighty fine and full of crafty goodness, as that is what I will get doing too.


x mrs. Grumbleguts


  1. I know what you mean, those resale stores are ridiculous sometimes asking the same as new. WTF?

  2. Yeah, it is taking the piss. But maybe I should just start cashing in too. Maybe start selling old dirty knickers or something, plenty of pervs about with money. Hah.