Thursday, 23 May 2013

Back to "normal"

I'll post some crappy craft stuff soon too, so it's not all hatred and ranting. Hahahahah.
I seem to be too intelligent for the interwebs, as every time I log on to failbook, read the "normal" blogs, or any pc bullshit, I get my rage on.
There's been some nasty shit going on in London, and a lot of people have gotten pissed off, and then the other half is telling them off for being "racist".
So nowadays you're not allowed to have opinions, and fuck almighty if they happen to be politically incorrect.
I need to move into the  forest and take a pile of dogs and turn into a hermit, as I'm starting to have a case of  icantfuckingbelievethisshit-titis.
Last time I checked, people had the right to their own views and opinions. But not anymore.
The majority is saying it is "facist" to disagree with the "majority".
I thought that's fascism, when you don't tolerate anybody else's opinions, unless they agree with yours.....Oh, and you happen to be Mussolini.

Soon, I will post other shit. A lot of ranting lately, but I think the world is going through some de-evolution when it comes to people, as they are turning dumber by the fucking minute.

A bit lighter finish. I want leggings that look like a unicorn has hurled on them.
And  I also want to glitterfy my livingroom table. Gonna get hunting for glitter flakes.....

TTFN (ta ta for now)

-von moan


  1. NO SHIT!!!!!! You're only allowed an opinion if it's the same as everyone else and they'll rip your fucking head off if it isn't. I love this post!!!!!

  2. It's scary, how opinions and freedom of speech have been all made pretty much rare as rocking horse shit, as everybody needs to conform to the same ideas and agree with the "general" politically correct opinion. So not one soul gets offended. By words. *sigh*