Wednesday, 24 April 2013

beach bodies...

Seriously. People come in different sizes, howcome is it so hard to understand.
Seeing "feminists" posting about how terrible the world is and then next post is them putting a pic of a lady with a big belly, and then laughing at it...yeah. I have a big ass, and I fucking love it.
Not gonna rant anymore, as I have given up on the human kind, most of them are fucking idiots. Okthxbye.

Mrs von Bitch


  1. Wow, you and I could get along swimmingly. I tried to find your blog before, but it didn't seem connected to your profile pic you left on my blog. Glad I finally found you and would follow, but I can't find that option either.

  2. Yes, I bitch about a lot of things and enjoy my slight insanity. I have the attention span of a...Hey look! A squirrel!
    I added the followers list so should be able to follow my awesome arse. Go for the stink.