Sunday, 7 June 2015

Plague ahoy!

Just to rub it in, this virus that has been lingering in the kiddo, has now brought new experiences with kiddos first ever ear infection. Horrible times were had, lots of painkillers and tears. Kiddo is gutted as she has missed out on quite a few piano lessons now for being off school, and it's not helping that the asshat of the house says that she needs to go to her lesson or then someone else deserves her place. WTF? I had to really hold myself down for not smacking him with something. I'm sure if getting sick would be a choice, noone would do it. Dear lord, the stupid.

Well in between the sleeplessness, downing all the coffee and administrating painkillers, I managed to paint a bureau lid with blackboard paint, so now she can be messy on furniture with a permission.
 A pile of cards I made a while back

 Feresi, a Karelian dress, traditional style
 Cheapskate gardening....
 Cheapskate crafts, all the leftover scrap fabric into a little basket
 Bureau with blackboard/magnetic paint
Shitty strawberry nails, bored morning...

Cheapskate gardening is my favourite hobby! I have fuck all money to spend, so scraping something nice together from poundshop shit and other recycled tat is much more interesting to do than walking into a garden centre and throwing a fuckton of money at some posh plants that probably dislike the shitty climate anyway. Got the logs from my neighbour, used some old shed paint I had, and crocheted some little bum covers from old clothes.....

Right, get my shit together and ready for bed, I'm knackered and have to prepare myself for the possibility of yet another night of meds dispensing......

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