Friday, 5 June 2015

Ikea fabrics

I fucking love them. Ikea is heaven, and of course the nearest one from me is miles away, I mean, 2,5 hours of driving-away.  So I had my lovely friend over who spoiled us with some very kawaii South Korean goods a few weeks back, brought me a little goody bag from Ikea, so I decided to crack on with a project that had haunted my scatterbrain mind for a while. A spring coat. With colour....
 All the CUTE!
 My spring coat. Two different Ikea fabrics mixed in

In action.

The lining is made from old bedding, the zip is ancient vintage one, probably first needing a fix, but the coat is so cosy, surprisingly warm, and just all in all I'm very chuffed with it.

Now, better get ready for bed and relax, before I get to tend to the poorly kiddo again, the fecking virus has now made it's way to the ear. Fucking fuckety fuck.

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