Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Finally....stencil pics

So, after weeks, I finally remembered to take pics of my prints so far. I have heaps and heaps of stencils, as I've been cutting stencils since I was 14...These are just some stuff I have googled, or used a photo and then the paint.net stencil addition. Prints have been just made by hand, and on leggings and tops. I do have a screen too, but tend not to use it for just one pic. It is a hassle to keep clean etc...Any questions or tips, just ask...

This is just from the last few weeks.
I have been doing some dia de los muertos-stuff, skulls, writing etc...I had a pair of leggings with V for Vendetta- prints.

More when I get pics taken and new stencils...

Ba byeh

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