Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Winter Urgh

Well it's been quiet. It has been the season of mehs, fever and general crap. Working still on my cro(t)chet scarf, thin yarn and smallish hook is making it take an eternity. Alongside I'm doing the usual xmassy shit too. Did some no-budget crafting on halloween, and now it continues with xmas things.
 As it tends to piss it down here a lot, made a raincover from an old pram cover for little ones school bag.
 Also whipped up a fleece jacket from old blankets. Not perfect but cosy enough.
 Same fabrics made a nice wrap up fleece. Currently obsessed with the wrap around model, but really struggle to find hoodies so better make it myself then.
 Some cheapo halloween crafts
 These are still above my door. Some colour into the shit winter.
 My ofrenda, mixed in with Karelian things and mexi-inspiration.
 Mase a little light wreath for the window, as it is dark.....
 And reflectors!!!! Best way to go too, some schnauzering....
Got this beauty from ebay, sent from America, Finnish vintage design, Kalevala jewellery. Me likey alot!!!!!

Bonfire night sparkles...
Poundshop crafts, a little wreath for the door, soon it's time... :D

I was chuffed to get the Kalevala piece, as I do like their jewellery, have some already, and this one is based on a find from Karelia I believe, so nothing better than historical background too.

Also very pleased, my local health shop seems to stock Village Bakery Rye bread, so that is bonus, fed up with british "brown" bread.

Nothing else of interest is going on. I spend my evenings crafting and watching either Geordie Shore or Family Guy. I know, one fucking classy chick, but who cares.....

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