Monday, 20 October 2014

Hell on wheels....

First a disclaimer. This post is my opinions and views, if you disagree, good for you.
Roller derby.
I watched a documentary on the Texan team who caused the "revival" of roller derby in early 2000's. That was years ago. I liked what I saw, it looked like fun, and at the same time a form of fitness that doesn't seem like fitness. I lived in Finland then, and there were no derby teams there, it was not very well known back then.
So when we moved, my first mission was to find the local team and get to their fresh meat.
The first year I developed skills, speed and it was all so much fun. I love skating, even today. But then the clouds started appearing, the unnecessary politics, the cliques, the "high school" drama, popularity contests etc. The plagues that always riddle the gaggles of females.
Then there was springtime when we all kept on getting ill with random bugs, so that of course took my attendance from about 99% to about 80%. That also meant that certain aspects of hobby were not allowed, like taking part in "play-game" that was meant for us "un-skilled". Which of course was something that kept me going to the practice anyway, the chance of getting to play, even if it was unofficial. Happy to take my money but also happy to restrict things too.
The fun part is also the minimum skills requirements. If you can skate around the track like the fucking Flash, braid your pubes while juggling a sharknado on your right arm and do cartwheels with your ears and jump across the room, blindfolded and holding on to your knee, then you are all good to go. The requirements were getting harder and harder, and have very little to do with safety, more about tactics.
So to me, something that you would get better with actually playing.
There were just too many rocks on that path for me, the fun started to get drained out of practice and it turned into something I didn't look forward to anymore either, so I knew after 2 years, it was my time to stop.
I was going nowhere. I still miss skating, sorely. It was the first form of getting fit I absolutely loved.
It's just all the rest of it I didn't like.
I still think about skating, and wanting to get a group together just for the fitness, but for now, the wheels are just in the bag.

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