Friday, 11 July 2014

Still here...

Still on my holibobs, really enjoying ourselves. I got poorly when we were supposed to do last minute shopping and get ready, urgh. So half of the stuff I planned to take with us, is still in ABZ.
First week was a bit cooler with the temperatures, but now for the last week we have been getting 20 and above, so it is now proper summer....
Had my check up, things are ok, and it was a great stress relief too.
The flights were both pleasant, and the views were stunning! As we approached Copenhagen, we saw lots of little bonfires scattered about, as the night we travelled is also the night when Sweden and Denmark celebrate the midsummer solstice with bonfires. Finland does the same a few days earlier. 

 City lights and sunset....

 Advertising for framing services....
 The river Aura

 Turku Medieval Market. Lots to see and I wish I had lots of money to buy all the cool things we saw
Turku Cathedral
 St.Michaels church
 River Aura closer to the harbour

 Some city cycling near my mums...
 My great bicycle. Bought cheap, yet a good bike...
A massive hare having a nap in the yard...


  1. Nice to hear from u and glad your check up went well.

    1. :). Tuskailen täs kun Turusta Kööpenhaminaan menevät lennot o lopetettu. Tuli taas matkustamisee yks mutka lisää... murh

  2. Happy to hear your check up was good. Have a great holiday!

    1. Thanks doll! So far has been lovely, weather is on our side. Not sure how I will cope with the return to crummy crap Scotland after this again.