Friday, 20 June 2014

Looming holidays.....

I'm flying to Finland on monday. Part of me is deliriously happy, part of me is bricking it. I have been feeling rather crap lately, and booked an appointment to a private gyno to get my ladyparts checked, while I'm on my holiday, as this doctor is one I can actually trust.... Just took in forms to swap healthcentres too. The GP I have been registered to has been just a bundle of disappointments and frustration. I just hope that it's not too late. Having problems that GP will ignore is just feeding into my anxiety.
I'm stressed and slightly depressed, and just want to get the check up done.
There will be more pictures soon, start of holidays and a little tattoo I got done today, finally got to use my birthday present money.
Just not feeling it right now, hopefully feeling more positive soon.


  1. I just hope to take a vacation soon! I would never use the two words vacation and doctor together. Vacations are to be fun and restful. :) I am only trying to make you laugh! All joking and kidding aside I hope you have a great Holiday and that you feel better soon!!!

    1. Thanks, I hope I get to go to my hols, I have been feeling very rotten, a visit to the A&E later on hopefully brings light....