Sunday, 11 May 2014

Picture heavy post

As there hasn't been anything interesting going on here, I'll just put heaps of pictures on. I have done some decent finds from charity/bootsales, so will include them too. Was supposed to go to a bootsale this morning but being shite weather with heavy showers, don't think it would've been very busy.
 Watching Oz while crafting....
 Bought me a new hairband from Tiger
 You had me at Hell :D (yes, supposed to be hello, but just how it reads for the first time...)
 Earth girls are easy!
 Ren and Stimpy classics.....
 Flower power...
My dog found a mummified tennisball from neighbours unkempt flowerbench. Thankfully she didn't find the mummified seagull.......
More flower power
 Nice blossoming tree
 Yamuna shower gel. Smells divine. Can't stop sniffing it..... Bought a yamuna hibiscus soap from the international street market last summer in Turku, it's Hungarian organic beauty stuff, and the smell has me hooked...
 More flowers
 Life is so much better when you rub yourself into a pile of branches..
 Dress my age and all that..... Bootsale find £1
That bitch took my pile of branches!
Yup yup
 Bumble bee I saved from being trampled over. Lifted the poor thing off the ground, still a bit chilly for them...
 Garden blossoming

Went to see Frozen the other week on the cheapo kids cinema showing, and my lil'un hasn't been quiet since. I lost count the times I've endured some form of "Let it go", be it singing, yodeling, humming or screeching....It was good though! Finally slightly different ending, and the prince turned out to be a twat too.... :D
That's it for now, toodlepup!


  1. Love love LOVE the hairband! And the shoes, definitely my kinda style.

    1. Thanks, check the great interwebs for the closest Tiger shop, as I got that hairband from Tiger (danish chain) for 1€. The shoes just screamed my name, I love wearing multicoloured stuff, the more leopard, the better...

  2. Haha. I like the, "Life is so much better...bitch took my branches." Nice pictures.

    1. Thanks, I love the camera on my phone, and every opportunity there is a bit of sun, I take it, as not a common occurence in this neck of woods....