Friday, 23 May 2014


Here we go again.... Time for election/voting season for European shit, and council shit.
Also time for the fanatics threaten to unfriend all the "racists" on facelook who dare to have a different opinion from theirs.....

Give me a fucking break. Since when has there been an actual difference between politicians? Not talking what fucking cockmunchers party they belong to, the main ones tend to be:
1 We like cockmunching, but like to keep our money, and get rich-er.
2 We like cockmunching but use other peoples money
3We like cockmunching as long as it's environmentally sustainable
4 We like cockmunching as long as the cock fits into a stereotype we like.
So there. The main issue I have, is that they are all still cockmunchers, who have their hands so deep in each others pockets, that they can scratch each others arses when needed..
You honestly think the cockmuncher who "fights for working man" gives a rats arse about you or your shitty low income. They don't. None of them. That is the reality of politricks. So it is really not worth to start having rabid speech about someone being wrong for voting a party you don't happen to like.
Funnily enough, the ones who preach and foam the most about tolerance, tend to be to most intolerant on the idea that people are entitled to their opinions, even when they don't agree on yours.....

Opinions and arseholes have a common nominator. Everybody has one.....



  1. Bloody brilliant! I'm sharing this on Google+

    1. Thanks m'dear. Just fed up watching retards foaming on social media about who voted for what....Better edit my typos then :D