Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Moar pikshurs....

Another post to get more photos out. Well, at least all the grim and grey mean that I can get back to my crafting, and watching the first season of OZ. Om nom.
 Lil'uns first steps towards body mods..
I so should've bought this!!!
 Aurajoki and the restaurant boats
 Windy but nice
 River banks are perfect for walks
 Looks nicer when everythings in full bloom
Cats like comfortable places....
 Ant nest is still there..
 wood anemone
 Best start to a morning!
 Waiting at the airport
 They have rocking chairs!

 Swinging elf waiting for summer hols
 Lovely clear sky
Just over the Finnish Archipelago

 Approaching Copenhagen
Guess where we approaching.... AHHAHAHHAHHHAAAA.....

There's the best of piccies, cannot wait for summer hols....


  1. Replies
    1. Most pics are Turku, but the last pic where we approaching heaps of clouds is Scotland.. :D