Friday, 7 March 2014

More shit I've made

Been a bit quiet again, but hey ho.. In 3 weeks time I'll be packing  my bags and going for a little holiday back in Finland, to live live like normal folk for a while...Me and the sprog are looking forward to this.
I've been pimping up my luggage, as it's quite plain looking, which means that spotting it can be a bit irritating in the baggage arrivals...Also been takin pics of more crap I've made during the last few years.... So rest of the post is more or less pics of  DIY junk.
Here we go...

Little one got some new curtains, just turned the edges neatly and quick passionate moments with my sewing machine, and done....
 Then I had some moments with my overlocker, and made this flappy hippy tunic, no patterns though..
 Ordered this lovely fleece from America, and it turned into a folklore inspired vest. All the ribbons are vintage bits that I have stashed....
Pencil skirt I made a few years back, it has a little frill in the bottom with a bow, just to give a little oomph to my already OOOOMPH arse... No patterns with this one.
Had more of this fabric, so tried a 50's inspired pattern on it, came out ok...
 A fluffy coat I made years ago. Heart shaped pocket and ties in front.

 Something I wove in school. It was not fun...........
 World Book Day required a book related outfit, so made this Little My outfit for sprog to wear.
 First go in sweetie sewing....Not great, but sproglet was happy to get a little pouch..
 Pimping up the suitcase a bit.....
And because my life is boring and we do nothing else, that's about it....


  1. I need to do some crafting myself and dust off the sewing machine. Love the plaid skirt, love love love the color of it.

    1. yeah, once you get the sewing machine out, it's all fun, and the urge to sew all the things takes over. The fabric was a sofa throw or something, 2nd hand goods... :D

  2. Great job! really like that jacket! And the Pikku Myy outfit is very cute.

  3. WOW on your creations. You have a real talent. I am now regretting flunking at home economics in school.

    1. Dig out them crochet hooks and knitting needles and learn. I suck with crafts, always have done, I love making and doing stuff, but the results are not always what I want... :D :D