Monday, 13 January 2014

'tis the season, over, thank f***

It's over, thank f***. For some reason , I started with a very excited mood towards xmas, getting house all nice etc, but slowly with time, my season mood just died. I have no idea why. Felt like the fucking Grinch over the holidays, so now it's done. Hope this year is nicer. It was lovely to have my ma around tho, but as family shit always has people disliking each other, there was tension. Maybe that's the stuff that killed my xmas.

It wasn't all doom and gloom, I got to Ikea, and Deep Sea World, which was nice. The drive wasn't, we had bad weather both ways and we saw a bad accident due to weather conditions, so needless to say when we got home, I had a long sigh for making it in one piece.
I've had craft mojo on the low too, so need to get back on my tracks and get shit done. Got a phone for xmas, (surprise....)  so made a bling cover for it.
That's about it. Hope year 2014 has good things in store, and has had a good kickstart!
Anyone wondering who the manny on the phone is, watch The Onedin Line. That is one handsome man called Jack Onedin from the show...
Ta ta for now...

 P.S Oh the ceiling bubble... That was my upstairs neighbours radioator pipe leaking.... You know, just so the fun doesn't end.... Hahahahah..