Sunday, 26 January 2014


I know this will be a piss in someones breakfast, but here we go.....
Now that I'm having a lot of folk popping sprog around me, I find myself struggling with the mandatory congratulation rounds, baby showers etc. Congratulations on being a fucking mammal, congratulations on fornication leading to fertilisation?.....I was relatively young when I had mine, not a teenager by any chance, but still one of the first ones in my group of friends to procreate. I never got supported that much, I never had baby showers, my good friend at the time told me what a fucking mistake that'll be... Yet my kid is doing fine, and things go on with their own flow. I'm weird, but I just don't really get the whole whoohaa around it. It's biology.... The only situation where I could say oh what a surprise, and wow well done, is if you have truly struggled to start a family, and had rounds of IVF etc, then, it would be a bit of a miracle.
Same goes for overdoing everything, I breastfed mine until 12 months, but it doesn't put me above people who bottlefed. The battle and demonisation of women and telling them being bad mothers for whatever happens to be trendy at the moment, is just plain dumb. Breastfeed if you can, just don't over-do it, kids grow teeth for a fucking reason, and the milk does change, so there is no nutritional need after 12 months anyway.....I find it creepy having women telling how they have a 5 year old sucking their titties. You might wanna check your dependant personality there, love....
There are many reasons why I stay the fuck away from "mommy" groups, as I would end up punching someone, and I don't like kids anyway.
I don't like people.
The other thing that ticks me off, that this day and age, why are women still expected to want a family. Not everyone likes kids. Not everyone wants to have them. Still women who CHOOSE not to have kids are frowned upon, or thought there is something wrong with them..... Biggest pile of bollocks I say.
I can't help it, but having someone in my family with very old school views on women, and how they should be, I sometimes need to contain myself from not going apeshit everytime I hear the hypocritical shit....Bitch, please.
Enough of the foaming in the mouth.

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