Monday, 4 March 2013


Well, that's another lot of days gone past and still haven't got piccies up or anything.
Just been to a hen night this weekend, and was happy coming back home. Until I noticed that nothing has been done since I left. Dishes are piling up, and even to this day, the other half seems to think that dirty clothes are picked up by pixies, who then carry all the stinky rags into the washing machine....
Being to a really seedy club, that had a firebreather in the small dancefloor, I can relate to the quote from Lethal Weapon- movies, "I'm too old for this shit".
My ears ached, as obviously people nowadays are bloody deaf, so the music blurted out was so loud, you couldn't tell the songs apart, and my only goal was to get back to hotel in a relatively sober state so I can hit the pool and sauna in the morning.
I like going to places and pubs, but also what is one of the major factors of enjoying ones' self, is the company!
But enough of that, have to get geared in my rubbergloves and commence the tidying up, so I can eventually get back to my crafting projects, that have been so badly neglected.

Tootsie too

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