Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Darn it...

Just to make complicate things the dreaded lurgy is back in the hoose, this time on the mini-me. And I'm not feeling too fresh either. This time of the year brings all the nasties smaller than a squirrel out, and if you have mini-mes, they are like walking petri-dishes. Although adults are worse. Learn yer fecking manners. Cough in your sleeve, wash your hands, and stop sneezing on other people.
Cannot believe the amount of folk that walk past you and cough in your face. Rude. Even my kid knows to cough in the sleeve or tissue. Things spread like wildfire as people don't maintain basic levels of hygiene and keep going to work and other places with full on colds and plagues.
  Keep it to youself, thanks!

At least I have gotten something done with my eternal pile of crafting projects.
More stenciling to be done, a load of dyeing done, embroidering a bed cover that I put together from scraps of fabric and mini-me's favourite t-shirts. Still more to do though. Photos coming soon...ish. :D

ba-bye for now


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