Tuesday, 24 February 2015

You can't fix stupid.....

OMG, the wonderful world of interwebs and it's people has yet again managed to "brighten" my day. This time it's because a fat girl got a modelling contract, and the world is now screaming how she is apparently promoting obesity. WTF.
Common sense truly is disappearing. I've looked at pictures of skeletal junkie models most of my life, but has it never occurred to me that THEY have been promoting LIFESTYLE. I just thought they were skinny ladies walking as clothes horses.
This statement makes no logic. If someone thinks that pic of a lady with larger lumps might sell their products, then, that would be their choice. In no way do I see that it automatically means that this is somehow promoting obesity, or make me wanna go gorge myself into the size of a mountain, just 'cos I saw a pic.
These people who use this logic better stop watching Jeremy Kyle, as it promotes chav-lifestyle, or Jerry Springer Show, as it promotes having sex with transsexuals and their gay/straight friends and siblings, then having a punch up. Or watching Dexter promoting killing criminals.
I find it rather patronising, and also makes you wonder have these people never taken personal responsibility over their actions.....
Fat people have existed even in history, and will exist.
Thin people get sick and die too, it's not just for fatties. I know skinny people with diabetes, heart problems etc etc.....
 We need to learn to tolerate others, and most of all, mind our own business. It is not taking anything away from anyone, if a lady happens to like her lumps, or *gasp* have confidence when bigger size....
Rant over.


  1. Great post! Like you I believe that models showing too much of their skeleton isn't reality. They have to starve themselves to stay a skeleton. I love hearing that more and more models are realistic and happy in their skin. The whole campaign of obesity is getting old. Over here in the US I'm waiting on the protests to ban silverware because clearly that's how we gain weight!!! Great read!

    1. I can see that there is a lot more fat people now than 40 years ago, but our lifestyles in whole are changing, the nature of work, and most of all, the quality of food. There is also a lot to blame on womens contraceptive pills, which get into water systems and cause damage in fish and aquatic life etc etc, so one fat lady getting photos taken is hardly worth the noise it seems to be making. Unbelievable. There is a really good episode of Penn and Teller Bullshit on obesity. It's worth watching.....

  2. Since when has fashion ever been "healthy?" During corset wearing days? Using arsenic for makeup days? Rubbing oil on yourself and tanning days? (Skinny doesn't equal healthy, especially when models are doing drugs to stay that way.)

    I'm happy that fuller ladies are finally back in after being "out" for about 100 years.

    1. Exactly, and fat people aren't a new invention either, there is more of big folk because our lifestyle has changed drastically within the last 60 years. Fashion has never been healthy, the mental shit people have done in the name of vanity throughout the history just makes the fat/thin debate look a bit boring....

  3. People are idiots, and the Internet is making them even more stupid. Sad but true.



    1. People are idiots and the idiots are breeding, there is the main problem.... :D
      Common sense has been long endangered, almost extinct. The worse comment I saw used in these threads on the theme, was that it's not true that people come in different sizes, as people in concentration camps looked all the same. Holy fucking crap, how the hell does that seem logical to someone, when talking about fashion. I threw a punch in that womans face in my mind, as to me that was just fucking horrid comment, and I don't get squeamish very easily. Even worse was this woman has kids.... :o