Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A masterpiece!

I watched Pacific Rim the other day. The movie made after a game. Never played the game, had low expectations, as I'm usually not a great fan of superhero stuff or comicy things turned into movies. Well, it was ace, and Charlie Hunnam was mmmmm. However, this post isn't about that movie, as after the movie a wanted to watch something else while I do crafting, and I put on Dirty Shame by John Waters. I love Cry Baby and Hairspray, and this movie wasn't a disappointment either. It was fucking awesome! I had many a loud laughs, and the over-the-top approach made it so entertaining too! Some of the lines will be something for me to recite in the future, here are the best ones:

"Don't you find it funny how every man in this neighbourhood has a penis?"

"Ooh my pussy's on fire!"

"Mailmen are beating off everywhere!"

"You wanna have funch?"

"People are shaving their crotches as we speak!"

"Feel like yodelling in the canyon, discover the oyster"

"That's what I call sneezing in the cabbage!"

"Does he ever whistle in the dark?"

"Let's go to the Holiday House and fuck the whole bar!"

Memorable phrases were also "my clitoris is in crisis" and "runaway vagina".

I laughed so much. It was funny, over the top, camp and pure entertainment, or what do you expect from a movie with characters called Fat Fuck Frankie or Ursula Udders.

I must watch it again someday soon. A movie definitely worth looking up, as I was gobsmacked I've not seen it before.


  1. John Waters <3 <3 Dirty Shame is such a fab movie! For me nothing tops up Cry Baby. I have seen it around 100 times - know every line in the movie and it is still my all time favourite film ever :)

    1. I LOVE Cry Baby, have the soundtrack on my playlist. Nice to hear from you! A lot of blogs have gone private or quit :(