Thursday, 25 September 2014

Quick crafts....

I have been crafting, can't seem to stick to one thing though, so a bit random.... I have also been watching Geordie Shore. I'm still not sure why. I think it's so shit, that it becomes good. Similar to VH1 shows few years back, Rock of Love and Flavor of Love. Seriously. Those were definitely some of the best reality shows I have watched, as they are full of unbelievably psychotic loonies.
I've kept myself out of political discussions too, as I cannot fathom how people can't accept the concept of freedom of thought. I don't agree with a lot of things with the majority of people, but I just blame it on their stupidity ;) , but I let them think what they want. It is their opinions. Opinions are like assholes, everybodys got one.
 A cheap shirt got a little DDLM- makeover....

 Made a kimonosleeve tunic from stretch satin
 Fixed a new zipper to my bargain vintage dress, 2 euros it cost me....
Anglerfish hama...
 Brain slug hama
Dr. Zoidberg...

Went to a techfest in the Oceanlab here, it was very good, deep sea creatures are more fascinating than people. Now I have a terrible urge to try make an anglerfish hat for myself. It's my poweranimal, you can keep your eagles and wolves :D
Back to more crafting......


  1. I love it amor, especially the kimono tunic. so pretty. it is nice to see you. brain slug hama so cute.

    1. Thanks, gorgeous! Taking my own photos is a true pain in the arse so tend not to bother. Me n kiddo love futurama, so thought they would be fun things to make. Gonna try a little felt version, to make into a hairclip :D

  2. I always say that opinions are like armpits. We all have them, though some stink more than others.
    Loving the Kimonosleeve tunic and seriously digging that Betty Boop picture in the background.

    1. It's gone very dirty before and after the referendum, so I just don't bother. As long as I know I'm right, right? :D
      Betty Boop was painted by my friend years ago... One of the reasons I'd love to get an overhead projector, these would be easy peasy to paint....
      Kimonosleeves are my obsession at the moment, as wrap around hoodie, neither of them I have been able to find affordable enough, so sewing it is.....