Thursday, 5 December 2013


This time of year tends to give out the prettiest morning and evening skies.

 The hound did some quality chewing, and then commenced on to staring at my plate, hoping the food would relocate from it to her mouth.
Sunsets and sunrise moments are the shiz to keep us going through the otherwise pretty miserable winter season. No snow to lighten up the scenery either. But hey ho.



  1. The pictures are very lovely. Your doggy seems to be enjoying it! My Chihuahua is scared of the fallen leaves on the ground that are dried. :/

    1. My hound is a bit batty, so she gets very excited with sticks, doesn't notice anything or anyone around her. Thanks, I do like the sunrise and sunset with clear sky, as weather is pretty shit here otherwise....
      Awww, my dog is scared when it's foggy...