Monday, 7 October 2013

When DIY goes bad...

First to start off with a rant. A lovely friend of mine gave me a phone with a cracked screen, and I was very chuffed, as with a repair, I would get a very good upgrade over my existing phone. As usual, husband steps out heroicly and promises to do his repair magic on it. At this point I say, would it not be a better idea to take it to a shop, where people have done this before...His answer was " I am not paying that, I can do it"
Instead of forking out the 40 odd pounds to get this quite a valuable phone back to the old glory, we then got all the needed pieces for the repair.
Well guess what.
He broke the whole thing within the first 5 minutes into his "fixing".
What is wrong with men. Why insist on doing something you have no idea how to succesfully do it.
He then went on to congratulate himself by buying 3 ps3 games.
So I have my old log phone, and this blundering twit just cost me a very nice phone and 15 quids worth of parts.
 Can I turn into a lesbian or something.

And to continue on these blunders..... A little review on Simply Spray fabric paints...
They suck. Bought some from Hobbycrack, and reading the labels promising sunshine, happiness and a pot of gold, I bought into it.
Had a project where I needed fabric paints not to go stiff, so these would do perfect.
 If only the bottle worked.
I got to spray few little bits, and then ta-fucking-daa, the nozzle gets completely blocked, and after managing to get the blockage sorted, it stops spraying. No more pressure, and you can actually feel that there is a lot of paint left.
Had two different colours, and both had same problem.
After a few hours of shrieking, summoning the crafty demons to boot someone up the arse, witchcrafting, sourcery and luring glimmer of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, I gave up and shoved the cursed cans into the bin.
Screw you guys, I`m going home.



  1. Clearly some ancient curse caused us both to waste money on these in the same week. We're gonna need an old priest and a young priest to save the leggings, I'm afraid. Did your project get crazy-ruined, too?

    1. Thankfully my pants were supposed to look like a mess, so that saved it. The dribbled splashes were quite obvious tho...