Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Family roots

Ugh, been kept busy, I have joined a group on facebook, that has people with roots in Karelia, and I'm finding distant relatives. It is a fun and interesting journey, as I get to learn details from the past I didn't know before. Exciting!
The best of all, I'm getting to see old photos I have never seen before from my great grandmother and greatgrandfathers village, life, and culture.
I've been also busy with making more crafty stuff. I have an urge to do things, so I keep on doing stuff before the crafting mojo disappears...:)
Will be back soon with piccies etc..



  1. In a different life, I got into this. It was fun and interesting. I should friend you on fb...

    1. It is fun and interesting indeed! I love getting to see photos I have never seen before, getting people recognised, and the history of Karelian people is full of tragedy, hard work, drinking and other very colourful details.
      Go like my chaos treasure page on FB and I'll find you through that.. :)

      PS. great to hear from ya lady!!!!!