Monday, 28 January 2013


The name for my blog comes from my dark secret, love for telenovelas.
Juana La Virgen, Mi Gorda Bella.....
I wish they would get shown more, as I thoroughly enjoy the insanity that is telenovela.
Eastenders ain't got shit on them. Hah

Also I used to love Los Serrano. Excellent show.
I'd rather watch these than some of the crappier reality shows. Either people are truly getting dumber, or then we are letting our entertainment go down with the quality.
Comedy nowadays is awkward and unfunny. That's why when I saw a boxset of The Fast Show, I bought it, as investing 5 euros into something that is actually funny, even years after, is money well spent.
What happened to comedy, Father Ted was brilliant, there are heaps of shows from the 90's and early 00's, and now we have really boring, unwitty, unfunny, awkward and just plain dumb shows on.
I stopped watching them and keep good company with Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama and the oldies.Or then it's just me getting older.

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