Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Feckin' lurgy!

I was able to avoid the dreaded snots for pretty long, but it has finally reached my household. Manny has the manflu and le child is snotty. I have a headache and a hedgehog lodging in my throat.
And it's gotta be bad if even music won't lift my moods...And that gives me a good bridge..
metal, rap, jazz, blues, classical, pop, rock, new age, happy hardcore....
I like 'em all.
I'm a stubborn donkey, and won't have anybody telling me what I can listen to and what not.
I used to like mostly metal and rock, but age has brought me this new found confidence with experimenting "new" music, and I like it.
I've let myself dive about youtube and checking old and new artists.
So no matter what you are, let music talk to you, not your friends or anybody else. If you're a metalhead and like rap, or pop etc, embrace it. Same goes for anything really.
That's my wisdom for the night.

Ta ta bitches.

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