Sunday, 24 August 2014

A short rant....

This has been bugging me in the back of my head, so thought I'll just burp it out....
When we we're flying back, our second flight started to approach the airport, there was a child sat behind us that threw such a strop about getting a seatbelt on, that I felt a great urge to punch the useless "mother" in the face. This woman just sat there, doing the oh-my-poor-darling bullshit while her little bastard darling was hunched under the flipping seat. Pick your brat up, tell it to behave and get the fucking seatbelt on. These same people would be the first ones there to sue airlines and claim money for their "injuries" when little arsefruits can't be controlled. The child wasn't a baby, there was a level of comprehension. I have travelled with my kid, even when she was smaller, and she has only once tried to throw a temper  tantrum, and I told her we ain't landing if she doesn't quit it.
Parenting skills are truly in the brink of extinction.
And no, I don't get the "but they are just kids" BS either. Kid or not, you need to  be able to behave in public, especially when confined in a flying tin can with people who might not be too keen on your fruit of the loin. I loaded my bag with snacks, magazines and some pens, so there is absolutely no excuse to misbehave.
I get people complimenting me how well behaved my daughter is. That is the difference.
People need to learn to raise their kids. Anyone can crap them out, but getting them into adulthood with manners and common sense, there is something to achieve.....

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