Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I just managed to finish my sewing for now, made a curtain for the kitchen window, for coming xmas season, and also had a handbag with too short strap, so sewed in some extra to make it longer.
I'm getting quite excited for xmas, I have another task of getting my livingroom sorted soon.
Too much crap and too small flat. :(
I also decorated my greatgrans pic for Dia de los Muertos. Didn't have enough stuff to make an Ofrenda, but got the candles out and found some icons and greatgrans scarf to hang. All this opened up a shitstorm from my "relatives" who said I desecrated her memory by doing this. What in the name of fuck?
Karelian folk used to have similar celebrations to DDLM, they went to have dinner at loved ones graves, sung songs and gave the dead their own portions of food.
I'll put piccies here of the stuff I just loaded to my FB page too. This is what has kept me busy lately.....

It snowed  this morning. Wish the snow would stay, as it makes even this grim city look relatively pretty, and gives such a cheer to everybody.
That's it for now.


  1. Dropping by your blog today. Enjoyed your posting and definitely the pics of the crafts. I'm not really the crafty type.

    1. Thank you m'dear! I'm not the crafty type either. I just don't have many other options, chronically skint and without my hobbies I'd be even more murderous... :D

    2. Hilarious! Menopause has that same effect on me. When my grown kids told me that I was getting mean as a snake they held an intervention and made me watch an entire season of Beyond Scared Straight. :/ I never understood that either. They would call or come round asking me for my opinion and then got butt hurt when I told them honestly. IDK kids...

    3. I have fucked ovaries and even more fucked womb, and get no treatment as I live in the best country in the world (according to the natives...), I will probably make Manson blush by the time I get even more fucked hormones... People can't handle honesty nowadays, kids or not. I give a lot of butthurt to people, as they don't like the straight-forward types.... :D
      Good to know there's others giving butthurt too. Butthurt unite!