Friday, 16 August 2013


Not done any proper DIY or crafting for over 5 weeks. Really need to get my arse back in gear and get shit done.I have a bag of jewellery I've made, and should try to sell them or something, as they take a lot of space.
I've been recommended to try out Etsy, but I think I preferred Regretsy....Hah
Might set up a facebook page, and see how it goes....At least that way it's free and relatively straight forward.
I need to buy wallpapers and paints too. Want to do up some bits here and there. Same reason I change my curtains at least 4 times a year. It's such an easy way to make room look different, and set the mood.
Just a quick post, sort of motivate-myself thing.
Shall return with crafty swag next time....

Mrs. Biggles

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