Friday, 24 June 2016

Been too long.

Non craft related.... Brexit.
Throughout the history there has always been unions, that have had their rise, and then eventually the fall. It's pretty normal. Things change, views change, and what happens in the reality is always different from what is thought that happens. Future is always uncertain.
What really boils my piss, is the fact that people are attacking others views and opinions. That is the downside of democracy, not everything always goes your way. People who disagree with you might be the majority. There are plenty of countries for living in a one-party system.....It's not that nice either.
It concerns me that people have very narrow approach to understanding others. You don't agree with me so I'm not your friend.
I enjoy having friends from different backgrounds, political stances and views, as that's what makes it interesting surely.
What can you learn in a crowd where all are the same?
I still enjoyed this morning looking at the bumblebees buzzing in the flowers, giving a treat to my dog and even the sun made a short appearance.
This is why I don't discuss politics, there is too much intolerance from the "tolerant".....

Over and out

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