Friday, 24 June 2016

Been too long.

Non craft related.... Brexit.
Throughout the history there has always been unions, that have had their rise, and then eventually the fall. It's pretty normal. Things change, views change, and what happens in the reality is always different from what is thought that happens. Future is always uncertain.
What really boils my piss, is the fact that people are attacking others views and opinions. That is the downside of democracy, not everything always goes your way. People who disagree with you might be the majority. There are plenty of countries for living in a one-party system.....It's not that nice either.
It concerns me that people have very narrow approach to understanding others. You don't agree with me so I'm not your friend.
I enjoy having friends from different backgrounds, political stances and views, as that's what makes it interesting surely.
What can you learn in a crowd where all are the same?
I still enjoyed this morning looking at the bumblebees buzzing in the flowers, giving a treat to my dog and even the sun made a short appearance.
This is why I don't discuss politics, there is too much intolerance from the "tolerant".....

Over and out

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Long break

Not visited this place for a while. Been crafting, causing mayhem and enjoying little tricks of life. My elderly hound is starting to get bad with her age related stuff. I was gutted when living legends turned to stardust, leaving the world just that little bit shittier.
I've been creeping on good scents, I have watched lots of B-movies and found new things to enjoy in life. That's about it. I've noticed quite a few of blogs I used to read have disappeared too, so that has cut down time on blogs big time.
Might be back soon with posts and pics. Will see.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Enjoy the silence....

It's been a while. Holidays are done and dusted, back to the grim and grey, and the usual fuckery. Have had no inspiration to write stuff, or do much anything else really. I will get my shit together and get stuff on, and try to get my mojo back, grab my ladyballs and commence the chaos.
Back soon, and lots of photos to come.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

leap of....

plague. I have it. Wooo.A cactus has taking a lodging in my throat, horrid stuff.
 A few weeks back saw this gem in a bootsale... I didn't buy it, even though I know some people I would play it with...... And the joke there is that these are on the list for worlds most dangerous toys, as they have killed and maimed......
 Lil'un found a cute momiji-cup. Very kawaii indeed.

 Morse horse!!!!!
 Finally one opened, loads more waiting for sun and warm weather...
 Urgh, did some sewing for a friend, blackout curtains. I hate that fabric.
Had noms in a new eatery, was nice indeed. Mmmm root beer.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Plague ahoy!

Just to rub it in, this virus that has been lingering in the kiddo, has now brought new experiences with kiddos first ever ear infection. Horrible times were had, lots of painkillers and tears. Kiddo is gutted as she has missed out on quite a few piano lessons now for being off school, and it's not helping that the asshat of the house says that she needs to go to her lesson or then someone else deserves her place. WTF? I had to really hold myself down for not smacking him with something. I'm sure if getting sick would be a choice, noone would do it. Dear lord, the stupid.

Well in between the sleeplessness, downing all the coffee and administrating painkillers, I managed to paint a bureau lid with blackboard paint, so now she can be messy on furniture with a permission.
 A pile of cards I made a while back

 Feresi, a Karelian dress, traditional style
 Cheapskate gardening....
 Cheapskate crafts, all the leftover scrap fabric into a little basket
 Bureau with blackboard/magnetic paint
Shitty strawberry nails, bored morning...

Cheapskate gardening is my favourite hobby! I have fuck all money to spend, so scraping something nice together from poundshop shit and other recycled tat is much more interesting to do than walking into a garden centre and throwing a fuckton of money at some posh plants that probably dislike the shitty climate anyway. Got the logs from my neighbour, used some old shed paint I had, and crocheted some little bum covers from old clothes.....

Right, get my shit together and ready for bed, I'm knackered and have to prepare myself for the possibility of yet another night of meds dispensing......

Friday, 5 June 2015

Ikea fabrics

I fucking love them. Ikea is heaven, and of course the nearest one from me is miles away, I mean, 2,5 hours of driving-away.  So I had my lovely friend over who spoiled us with some very kawaii South Korean goods a few weeks back, brought me a little goody bag from Ikea, so I decided to crack on with a project that had haunted my scatterbrain mind for a while. A spring coat. With colour....
 All the CUTE!
 My spring coat. Two different Ikea fabrics mixed in

In action.

The lining is made from old bedding, the zip is ancient vintage one, probably first needing a fix, but the coat is so cosy, surprisingly warm, and just all in all I'm very chuffed with it.

Now, better get ready for bed and relax, before I get to tend to the poorly kiddo again, the fecking virus has now made it's way to the ear. Fucking fuckety fuck.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Those quiet moments...

It's been quiet here, there has been a lot of bugs this year, and as people use the schools as sick bays, every goddamn bug spreads like wild fire. One good thing has come out from this, marathons of Bill Nye The Science Guy, he still is bangtidy!
I've had my sewing frenzy on occasionally, although my most recent project went a bit poopy, so trying to figure out how to alter it so the fit is better. Will make a post for sewing projects.
I've tried to spend some nice days in the backyard, sorting out flowers and making it decent.
Being Scotland, the weather tends to get pish at least once a day, so all the sun has to be enjoyed, while it's there.
 In a few weeks we will fly off to our holidays, so that is exciting, although I'll miss the dog terribly again.
 Cruden Bay and the castle remnants
 Nice scenery
 I'd have the view from my window any day
 Early bugs
 A quick trip to Edinburgh, did my voting duty for the Finnish election
 It is a nice city to visit
 And a shop with scandi goods was the best find! ( Nordic Affar)
 But it was nice to come back home to my mutts butt
She is elegant lady who acts her age, just like me.... ;)

Back soon with more stuff.....